The Super-8 Years With Tuxedomoon

The tenth anniversary?

So this is partly a jokey documentary about Tuxedomoon and party footage from them going around Europe in the 80s…

Here they’re doing Holy Wars.



I like it, but I think it could have been edited together more er aggressively. Or perhaps I’m just saying that because I’ve seen a lot of Derek Jarman movies lately.

It’s a nice little move for Tuxedomoon fans. If you’re not a fan, though, it’s not going to be very interesting. Still, I’m a fan, so:

The Super-8 Years With Tuxedomoon. Steven Brown. 1997.

The Tempest

Hey! Futura!

I think I’ve seen this before — probably in the late 80s, at the local Cinematheque. I don’t remember anything about it, though…

And I’m not sure whether I’ve seen any traditional stagings of The Tempest.

Obviously some white balance problems.

I was thinking what Toyah’s performance reminds me of… and it’s Jennifer Saunders when she’s doing a High Culture skit. That wide-eyed thing.

OK, that’s not quite fair.

Heh heh:

Toyah Willcox, who played Miranda, said: “Derek cut out the boring bits, which I’m very grateful for, because Shakespeare doesn’t half gabble on.”

He’s very bad at chopping wood.

I feel for this wonderful building they filmed this in.

I think half the budget went on sailors’ suits.

This is good stuff, but is it great? It’s mostly… slightly less than riveting? But it’s very good.

The Tempest. Derek Jarman. 1979.



Anyway, this movie has been released in several versions, and I’m watching the three hour DVD version:

While the studio insisted the film’s running time could not exceed 150 minutes, Lonergan’s preferred version was closer to three hours. Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker contributed to editing a 165-minute version that Lonergan approved; the cut was never released because producer Gary Gilbert refused to approve it. Eventually, Fox Searchlight Pictures released the 150-minute film in a limited release in the United States on September 30, 2011, to moderately positive reviews from critics.

Hey! Anna Paquin! I like her…

Oops. This guy… not a fan. Whatsisname… er… Batfleck? No… Matt Damon!

Basic instinct.

This starts very strong, and not how you’d expect at all.

And I have no idea why I bought this movie — somebody must have recommended it, or something? But as usual, I have no recollection of why I bought it.

You know, I’m not sure about this movie. On the one hand, there’s interesting stuff going on — and on the other hand, there’s scenes like this that are supposed to be … knowing? in a way? and instead it comes off as clichéd.

I mean, clichéd in that it’s a middle-aged director doing a movie about teenagers getting laid.

And I’m guessing Lonergan was a huge nerd, so it’s like a Mary Sue on his part.

Checks out.

Hey, it’s that guy…


Yeah. that guy.

I’m enjoying this movie, but I can understand why the producers wanted to edit it down… All the scenes are interesting and stuff, but some scenes, like discussing Shakespeare, might not be … vital? But I like it — it’s a very unusual movie for a 2011 movie: It’s more like a 70s movie, but with better hair and less sweat.

Oh my god, I want to live there.

OK, into Mary Sue territory again — Mary Paquin’s character (who’s like 18?) is totally hot for her middle-aged teacher.

Checks out.

OK, there’s wobbly parts in this, but it’s a really original, interesting and affecting movie.

And it totally bombed.

Margaret. Kenneth Lonergan. 2011.