Bridesmaids. Paul Feig. 2011.

This is supposed to be the bleakest, most misanthropic movie ever.


“Bridesmaids is Michael Haneke’s Bachelor Party” – Noah Berlatsky

I’m excited!

[half an hour passes]

This is really bleak!

Look! She put fondant petals on top of the cupcake! Those may be classified as “edible” according to veterinarian standards, but nobody would want that shit anywhere near their mouths, so putting that on a cupcake is just… bizarre.

[the end]

This was a gruelling, horrible slog. But… I think they were aiming for funny and light-hearted, somehow? Despite everybody in this movie being horrible human beings? Including the main character?

It’s just mind-bogglingly depressing.

Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona. Joel Coen. 1987.

Aaah. The 80s. Remember the 80s? No? Well, let me tell you a story: It was the decade where you could see the poster for a movie, and it had the words “Nicholas Cage” on it, and you didn’t run for your life.

It was a happy age.

[twenty-five minutes pass]

This is such a fun movie. It’s a bit hyper, sure, but it’s got the right tone.

[the end]

I loved the first ten minutes, and then I really liked the next half hour, and then… uhm… there were scenes that I loved? I mean, it’s a really sweet movie, but it’s got stretches where it’s just treading water.

I feel like this could have been The Best Movie Ever if it had been a bit… tighter. It’s got so many good gags, and not a surfeit of plot, so it should be just perfect, and it isn’t.

Céline et Julie vont en bateau

Céline and Julie Go Boating. Jacques Rivette. 1974.

The last Rivette movie I watched was the thirteen (?) hour long Out 1: Noli me tangere, which was in partly brilliant, and partly… quite good?

This one is a short movie: Just over three hours.

[forty minutes pass]

This is a lot of fun. I’m guessing the dialogue is mostly improvised, but it has this mysterious, almost… meta character to it: It’s like we’re watching two people who are lying to each other, but both of them are playing along; they’re doing the improvisational “yes, and” thing, but not for this movie: Instead this movie is about these people doing this “yes, and” thing in real life (but scripted).

Or… their realities change based on whatever lies they’ve just told. I mean… “Rue du nadir aux pommes”?

It’s so weird and… thrilling to watch.

[the end]

OK, the plot isn’t at all what I thought it was when we last spoke. It’s much stranger!

It’s… it’s… a kind of ghost story? But really funny? Oh oh! It’s kind of like a seventies Doctor Who series, but French.

It’s really funny, it’s sweet, it’s intriguing. I love it to bits, and now I’m getting all of Rivette’s other movies.